Looking for detailed information on land?

These are sites that can really make a difference in your research on a property. Stick around and check out these tools.

USGS - National Water Information System Mapper

Ever want to know whether there is water near a piece of land you might be interested in? This site can get you started with finding documentation on active and inactive wells in the area. This is an important first step in conducting due diligence on a property before you buy. If water access is important for the land your considering be sure you consult a licensed water well drilling contractor before you commit to a parcel.

Bureau of Land Management

This site is a great resource to identify local area that are for public outdoor recreational use. Vacant private land parcel adjacent to BLM may have desirable benefits, including easy access to public space and restrictions on building near private parcel. 

San Bernardino County ARC GIS Viewer

Looking for a specific Parcel Number? Ever wonder where a parcel lot line is? While this site is not a replacement for an official survey, it's a great starting point to identify where a parcel lies and the expected lot lines. 

Range and Tier Viewer

This is a great tool to help decode the description of a parcel.